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Pianist, Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel, a local “classic” with an International profile


Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel is a credit to many nations. She’s spun around Canada and the Continent, savoring ties to great music mentors, one of whom was a towering figure in the conducting world. In a thread of scintillating and informative conversation, Christyna paid tribute yesterday to her most influential teacher, Sergiu Celibidache.


About the conductor: (WIKI)

“Sergiu Celibidache (Romanian: 11 July [O.S. 28 June] 1912 – 14 August 1996) was a Romanian conductor, composer, and teacher. Educated in his native Romania, and later in Paris and Berlin, Celibidache’s career in music spanned over five decades, including tenures as principal conductor for the Munich Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic and several European orchestras. Later in life, he taught at Mainz University in Germany and the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….”


Christyna’s abode, high up in the Kensington Hills, overlooks the Golden Gate span over the East Bay.


It’s a glittering musical sanctuary dotted with her husband, Michael’s contemporary art.


His paintings partner with stunning Italian lithographs, like this eye-catcher.


Naturally, the living room centerpiece that upstages all, is a magnificently resonant Hamburg Steinway which richly expressed the Baroque ornamental landscape of composer Domenico Scarlatti. It was Christyna’s appetizer to an engaging interview.


The Sonata in B minor, K. 27, just happens to be the opener of a program the pianist will present at the Berkeley Piano Club on Saturday, June 28th at 4 p.m. (2724 Haste St) Mozart, Chopin and Debussy selections will round out the recital.

Without further ado, Christyna’s riveting words and demonstrations at the Hamburg in “concert” with her precious reminiscences of Celibidache follow a nostalgic flashback to a performance rendered by her very gifted musician parents. (The late, Mary Maltaise, Contralto, and Czeslaw Kaczynski, Pianist)


Part 1–A Conversation with Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel

Part 2

Christyna’s concert reminder:
The Berkeley Piano Club
Saturday, June 28th, at 4 p.m.
2724 Haste
Berkeley, CA
Tickets purchased at the door
Or reserve a seat by e-mailing Christyna:

2 thoughts on “Pianist, Christyna Kaczynski-Kozel, a local “classic” with an International profile”

  1. I’m from Montreal, and in 1956 I was 15 years old. I don’t remember watching those Youth Concerts on TV (my mother had control of the set and classical music was not for her!), but what I did attend were live Saturday morning concerts with the free tickets I got at school for being a good student.

    What a treat it was to sit right on the stage, on one side of the orchestra, and watch and listen to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the great Wilfrid Pelletier, from that very special vantage point.


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