Maine, Shirley Smith Kirsten,

Seymour Bernstein: From Maine with Love

When Seymour packs his bags for the summer, escaping Manhattan’s stifling heat, he takes along his soulful music and fistfuls of almonds.

The maestro, known for his beloved book, With Your Own Two Hands retreats to an awesome, cabin-like sanctuary that sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. (It’s his daily source of inspiration.)

Bernstein’s Paradise found feeds his commune with the piano (a resonant Kawai grand) and the neighbor chipmunks who are wooed to almonds dispensed by soft inviting hands.

Here, “Junko” is fed generously, trusting his benefactor to the last gulp and pouch storage.

J. is a descendant of “Belinda” who had an album of music dedicated to her.

Belinda the Chipmunch

Seymour has memorialized his furry and feathered friends in numerous colorful musical collections sold the world over. birds_book_one1raccoons_book_one1

And with nature’s bounty surrounding him, he bestows a personal musical gift in gratitude: a divine rendering of Bach-Kempff’s Siciliano.

How the chipmunks, raccoons, birds, and butterflies are soaring with pleasure to undulating waves of sound.


Seymour’s affinity with all living creatures:

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