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An adult piano student floats a Chopin Nocturne

Chopin Nocturne in e p. 1

The E minor Nocturne Op. 72, No. 1 has a redundant flowing broken chord bass that becomes intensified through melodic climaxes. Still, the binary division of each measure, with some relief on the second half of each, preserves a relentless rocking motion throughout the composition.

In this lesson-in-progress, an adult student who returned to the piano after a long hiatus, reveals his conscientious approach to refining phrases, floating them, and experimenting with tempo rubato all within a slow practice frame.

He and other adult students are to be admired for their tenacity, patience and commitment to learning while combining complex work schedules 5 days a week.


Nocturne played In tempo

3 thoughts on “An adult piano student floats a Chopin Nocturne”

  1. Hello Shirley, I remember when I asked you in one of your videos how to play the 3 against 4 in the 4th measure of this nocturne .. that was more than an year ago. I’ve come a long way I think, practicing this piece but still it’s so unsatisfactory – I still have bad dynamics, rhythm breaks down, wash it all in pedal etc. I feel like I haven’t progressed 1 bit for the past half year even though I’ve been practicing it regularly.
    https://soundcloud.com/pizhama/chopin-nocturne-op72-no1-e-minor Here’s a recording of it if you’re interested in listening. I’ve been playing for about 2+ years now.


  2. Thanks for sharing. I don’t perceive a real issue with your 3 against 4.. Maybe in few places, some improvement is needed. Consider a more unifying tempo, however, even within rubato bounds. You seem to display a love for this music which is what most comes across. And be more kind to yourself about your own playing.


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