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A Conversation about machine and ear tuning (and more) with Israel Stein, Registered Piano Technician

I couldn’t resist an opportunity to immerse myself in an engaging dialog with Israel Stein, RPT, as he was tuning my piano.


Regaled far and wide by a community of pianists and teachers as he amasses awards bestowed by his peers at the National Piano Technician’s Guild, Stein remains thoroughly dedicated to what seems like an ART form. If there’s a Zen-like approach to his work, it embodies a complete immersion in the wellness universe of pianos of all ages, shapes and sizes.

At my Berkeley, California flat yesterday, Israel perched himself at my Steinway M grand as he carefully staked out a two-fold approach to tuning it. First he took out his Reyburn CyberTuner for a complete ballpark assessment and pitch review of my 88’s before he meticulously advanced to the aural phase. (By ear)

Naturally with all the banter and controversy surrounding Machine vs. Ear tuning I was eager to pick this Master tuner/technician’s brains about how he effortlessly inhabits two universes without skipping a BEAT.

A four-part exchange followed with side bars exploring the world of modern-day piano antecedents; digitals and their culture, “paradigm,” etc; tuning/technician standards/exams and much more.




LINKS to Israel Stein blogs and an OVERVIEW OF HIS HONORS and AWARDS






PTG Hall of Fame
Piano Technicians Guild
July 2014

In recognition of continued service to the organizations in the areas of examinations, education and bylaws. Specifically: development and implementation of a training and certification process for technical examiners, development and implementation of more precise and objective scoring methods on technical exams, revisions of technical exam manuals and written exams, introduction of innovative hands-on instruction methods at PTG conventions and…more
Sidney O. Stone Service Award
Piano Technicians Guild – Western Region

March 2012

In recognition of service to the PTG organization in general and specifically within its Western region
Putt-Crowl Member of Note Award
Piano technicians Guild

June 2010

In recognition of recent outstanding service and dedication to the Piano Technicians Guild
Presidential Citation
Piano Technicians Guild

June 2008
In recognition of service on the Examinations and test Standards Committee and as counsel to the President
Examiner of the year Award
Piano Technicians Guild

June 2004

In recognition of outstanding service as Chair of the Technical Examinations Subcommittee and in exam administration.

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