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The latest about Seymour Bernstein, the Hawk(e), and two colorful Birds

Today began on a high note. Ethan Hawke’s documentary about Seymour received a rave review in the New York Times. It was the latest in a series superlatives that synchronized perfectly with the film’s debut in New York City at the Lincoln Center Festival amidst whispers about a probable Oscar nomination.

To many film mavens, it’s been a pleasant surprise that an artistically framed portrait has racked up reams of star-studded notices on its journey from Festival to Festival. (Telluride and Toronto, being the most recent)

Of particular importance in the annals of documentary-making, is the break piano teachers around the world have been longing for. The film’s front and center validation of their often abstract and intangible contributions to humanity may spawn a long-delayed cultural shift. Thanks to High Holy Seymour and his Ethan Apostle, both have inspired a Gospel-like fervor for the Muse that’s only paralleled by a sidebar contribution Seymour added to his creative composing treasury.

No less a coda to his well-published avian collection, BIRDS, Bernstein honored producer, Ethan with a Hawk(e)-dedicated piece of inexorable beauty.

Against a whole tone opener in the Impressionist genre, I would be remiss if I neglected to mention a relevant tie-in to my unpredictably colorful stop-off this afternoon at a well-known supermarket.

As I sauntered over to the deli counter in a bustling area, a woman in my shadow pushed a shopping cart with two mascots perched opposite each other in nature-perfect splendor.


“Alex,” son of the matriarch eagerly spread his wings for the camera with a slight prodding from its owner. And momma bird beamed with pride as junior’s wings were eloquently spread.


What a well-timed set of events, so harmonious with Seymour’s love for music, birds, and other wildlife.

What could have been more precious and pleasing as my day unfolded.


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