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The Chopin Waltz No. 19 in A minor is Poetry in Motion

Adult piano students who aspire to play the Op. Posthumous A minor Waltz must immerse themselves in a poetic musical framing, floating notes with supple wrists and relaxed arms. In the bass, support for a horizontally spun melody should prevail, with after beats (chords) unobtrusively humming along.

Fluidly played ornaments have their unique breath, artfully embellishing principle notes. Follow through movements of the arms, wrists, thread these along without pokes or accents.

The singing tone underlies all…

Sculpted phrases, expressive lines, naturally breathed note groupings, sequential outpourings with dynamic shifts, resolutions of harmony, wrist-tapered cadences contribute to a satisfying playing experience.

In a recorded lesson-in-progress, an adult student strives to realize these aspirations.

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