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Piano Technique: Breathing through inverted chords and 4-note arpeggios

A thoughtful journey through 4-note (double root) C Major Chords in INVERSIONS was a lesson preliminary to unraveling them with shape and contour. As a start, an adult student imagined the sound intended, breathed through a string of sonorities, and became aware of sensory and muscle memory dimensions of practicing. These fed nicely into the repertoire segment of instruction.

In the following video sample, the pupil’s slowly rendered, wrist-flexible chords (without IMPACT, or key attack) transitioned naturally to well-spun out arpeggios.

In this second excerpt of a lesson given by Irina Morozova, (Manhattan’s Special Music School), rolled-out chords in A minor preceded a spin-off to their “broken,” horizontally rendered form.


Hear it before you play it!

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