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Teaching J.S. Bach Invention 1 in C (BWV 772)

With World Series updates shadowing last night’s lesson, three students checked their cell phones inning by inning, but managed a deep-layer connection to Bach and Beethoven.

My newest student introduced himself by reading through Bach’s Invention 1 in C. As it played out, the composition is one of my favorites to teach. Its rich contrapuntal landscape invites a dual cognitive and affective exploration.


Following the Subject through its many forms is a mind-expanding adventure!

Its fragmentation, augmentation, inversion, and modulation are springboards for an understanding of two-voice counterpoint with characteristic imitation, overlap and climactic convergence.

While conscientious Analysis is essential to learning Invention 1, phrase-shaping, and making sensitive decisions about articulation and dynamics will advance artistic expression. (Two recorded segments are attached as teaching samples)

J.S. Bach Invention 1, page 1

J.S. Bach Invention 1, page 2
Lesson: Part 1

Lesson: Part 2


For a thorough analysis of the score:

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