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An in depth “Over”-view of J.S. Bach Little Prelude in C Minor, BWV 934

This evening I prepared a video supplement for an adult student who brought the gorgeously woven Little Prelude in C minor (BWV 934) to his first lesson. Since I had studied this work at the suggestion of another student, from faraway Greece, I had laid a firm foundation in my own layer by layer learning process. Such framing remained true to form in this new learning environment, though some of my ideas about phrasing and counterpoint had changed. (The score in its updated form has become so cluttered with groupings, slurs, and slash marks that only in the playing will the revisions be understood)

Basically, I urged the student to focus separately on each voice with deserving importance. In this connection, I led him through sequences, harmonic progressions/modulations, and counter-melodies, never OVER-looking the important dimensions of each line. The OVER-head view, which happened to be my latest studio accouterment, preserved the essence of ways to approach Bach’s masterpiece which the student will re-VIEW at his pleasure.

In tempo

bwv in c minor p.1

bwv 934 p 2

2 thoughts on “An in depth “Over”-view of J.S. Bach Little Prelude in C Minor, BWV 934”

  1. Forgot to mention the entire tutorial broke up badly with the gaps not joining i e I had to more or less put two and two together all the way🤔,
    Do you perhaps know how I can fix that. I was on google on iPad.


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