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Lesson supplement videos assist Transfer Students in their transition to a new teacher

Most transfer students that I’ve encountered over the years better brave the change from one teaching style to another, by watching recorded views of their lessons. Because there may be a tad of anxiety associated with approaching the piano in a different way than previously learned, watching instructional excerpts that focus on the piano as “singing instrument,” becomes a more familiar and friendly frame of reference with time and exposure.

With a stroke of good fortune, a new tonal landscape that’s wedded to supple wrist and fluid follow through motions gradually replaces pencil point-like key attacks that impede beautiful phrasing.

A dimension of learning that partners with the singing tone approach, is the identification of ORGANIZERS (symmetries, fingering patterns, sequences, harmonic progressions, etc) that are fleshed out in recorded segments and forwarded to the student.


My newest transfer, (New York-based), discovered a whole new way of relating to the piano through a Level 1, Classical era Minuet by James Hook. Minuet by HookThough she expressed doubt she could remember all that transpired in the lesson (Over Skype), my having the Call Record feature enabled instant capture of footage from an overhead cam view which I edited for easier consumption.

In a second video, I demonstrated a side view of my own slow practice rendering.

OVERHEAD PERSPECTIVE: (Lesson in Progress–edited for teacher comments)

Finally, as I mouse-tapped through my you tube video files, I found a tutorial that afforded additional learning reinforcement.

In summary, these recorded lesson supplements provide a clear example of how to practice within a singing tone, singing pulse framework, that assists transfer students in their transition to a new teacher.


Avoiding Pencil Point Playing

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