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Shame on WQXR F.M. for shining a spotlight on Kids’ dislike of Bach’s music

I can’t fathom why a historically great NYC-based Classical music station like WQXR F.M. would choose to feature a big-splash juvenile ONLINE thumbs down to a J.S. Bach masterwork!

WQXR kids thumbs down to Bach!/story/three-nyc-kids-give-bach-big-thumbs-down/

My published comment criticized the posting:

“This is a waste of space considering that WQXR has been a fountain of great music for decades. I started listening when I was 5. I recall towering OPERA broadcasts with Milton Cross. These children suffer from lack of exposure to great music in the home and at school so why flesh out their negativity and frankly ignorance— for what reason? Why doesn’t WQXR bring cameras to the Special School-Kaufman Center for a sobering contrast to these responses. Finally, if WQXR wishes to grow an audience of listeners starting with the young generation, it should present youth that are inspired by the Masters, not those who diminish them.”


Now here’s an appropriate thumbs down to Lexus for its discarding Mozart’s music, and replacing it with ear-grinding percussive rock in an offensive luxury car, classless commercial:

Thank God, ardent Classical musicians sent the company a revised version:

Make your voices heard!

Don’t allow the masterworks to be degraded and discarded in unsavory media blitzes!

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