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The second studio grand gets a tune-up

With dizzying cable wires swimming in all directions, connected to a horizontal mounted overhead web cam, partnered with a side-mounted one, the spotlight is on my vintage Steinway grand.

A second piano to its right goes unnoticed.

But once a LIVE lesson begins, the Baldwin Hamilton 1929 takes center stage, requiring at least a pitch match-up with its neighboring sister. (Thankfully, its squeaky pedal problem has been resolved)

Those familiar with Baldwin Hamilton’s history, know it was a blind date piano that miraculously panned out as a permanent partner. Initially sampled by phone, (no sane way to judge its character) I had good vibes about it, and in the after glow of first attraction, I dispatched a registered piano tech to the location, hundreds of miles away. After he doubled on my opinion, the sale was made. (Don’t copy me and meet your date in person!)

Yesterday, award-winning tech, Israel Stein tuned the Baldwin Hamilton, and pin-pricked a few hammers along the way. Our conversation recorded in progress, enriched the tuning experience and added to my growing Stein oral history archive.


Stein at Baldiwn  voicing

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