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The mystery of NOTE CLICKING B is solved!

Here’s a snatch of the bug that invaded Steinway M (1917) as long desired, drought-relieving rains encapsulated the piano for days. (Were weather changes the cause of an uninvited guest seeking sanctuary between hammers, in finite action spaces?)

Israel Stein, RPT/EMT, in “high tech” detective mode, responded pronto, and tenaciously scoped out the uninvited nemesis. In a patient, painstaking pursuit, he triumphed, holding up the spoil of victory in full camera view!

My Prep for Israel: (earlier in the day)

My original video detailing the whole keyboard (every note) in anticipation of a big undertaking (action work, voicing, etc.) Israel imparted great advice along the way and repaired two split key-buttons that he discovered during his note-clicking search and destroy mission!


Taking the Noise out of my Pedal


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