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A favorite J.S. Bach tutorial (Little Prelude in F, BWV 927)

J.S. Bach Little Prelude in F Major

One of my adult students is excited about learning this treasured miniature, and it just so happened that I stumbled upon one of my you tube posted instructions that will assist both of us in our forthcoming two-way musical exchange.

(After I put a piece away it’s nice to know I can reference its timely review)

What I embrace in this composition (no. 3 of “Six Preludes from the Klavierbuclein for W.F. Bach) is its brilliant repository of counterpoint and engaging harmonic rhythm. While it doesn’t modulate to distant keys, it well uses the resources of F Major in an ear-catching manner.

Learning its form and structure, while being attentive to decisions made about articulation, infused with a theoretical awareness makes for a delightfully enriching learning experience.

Revisiting the salient features of this mini-masterpiece:

Two interpretations with different bass groupings

4 thoughts on “A favorite J.S. Bach tutorial (Little Prelude in F, BWV 927)”

  1. Bach just sounds so much better on the harpsichord or organ. What a great little piece Shirley. You know that you are responsible for much of what I spend time working on?


    1. I love Tipo’s Scarlatti in particular. But frankly her tempo in the Bach F Major Little Prelude is for me, too fast.. I purposely chose not to emulate such a rapid tempo. But then again she was entitled to her perception and I respect other choices. Many also race the F Major Invention.. sadly. Why, makes no sense.


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