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Piano Lesson: Mozart Rondo, Allegretto- Sonata K. 545 with a pedal pushback to Andante

Each teaching encounter brings a new awakening.

A composition that’s been practiced to death, taught times over, recorded, retired and reviewed, can still experience a rebirth when a student embarks upon his/her individual musical journey.

It’s like a parent (mentor) reliving one’s own childhood by having children.

On Skype today, a pupil who had conscientiously practiced movements 1 and 2 of Mozart’s Sonata K. 545, took her maiden voyage through the first page of the Rondo: Allegretto with a bundle of probing questions that made both of us ponder structure, phrasing, harmonic rhythm, and performance practice. By measure the movement was rediscovered.

Mozart Rondo Allegretto p 1

Play Through:

An earlier part of our journey included a HIKING BOOT exploration of pedaling: Andante

Play Through:

Disclaimer: Pedaling choices are not set in stone.

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