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Piano Rack Extender: Adapt-A-Stand

My latest studio accouterment is an import from Clear Lake, Iowa. (Pianoman Products is owned by a piano tuner.)

For me, it’s Good-bye to 4 page limit/slipping and sliding sheet music, or self-made cardboard creations with monster clips . Using Adapt-A-Stand I can now stretch to six pages and scan from left to right without a snag. (This is NOT a $$$ driven infomercial in progress as I have NO financial ties to the company)

My short video contains an objective product review.

Though the company guaranteed a six-page capacity, the rack could have used an inch more for that extra margin of security. You’ll notice that my 6th page has a 3″ hangover off the stand.

I wrote to Piano Man, tipping him off about a tad of un-utilized space. (The creator could have easily extended the rack without a hitch.)

Judge for yourself:


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