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Preparing for a SKYPE/LIVE student recital

The day is fast approaching when Online students will meet the LIVE ones who are here in Berkeley, California. As a pretest of connections for the SKYPE contingent, we set aside this past Sunday, coordinating time differences in Europe, the East and West Coast. Two of our ONLINE students were not able to make it, but they’ll turn up on Sunday, March 15th for the big event.

Here’s a preview of what will appear on my computer screen.

As for the set-up in my living room, LIVE students will play the Baldwin Grand with a webcam providing a side view of the player and keyboard while my Imac monitor will be perched on my Steinway piano in full view of a LIVE audience of students here.

computer screen

I’ve previously given concerts at home, where invited guests watch a big screen because of the preponderance of pianos eating up living room space which prevents a good view of the performer and keyboard. The computer screen accommodation has been practical and positive.

Judy, one of my transfer students is conscientiously prepping for D-Day. Sadly, most students are racked with performance anxiety in anticipation of the event, though it will be framed as a “music-sharing” experience. Certainly, the Skype/Live exchange will provide an opportunity to explore relaxation, mental imagery, presence of mind, concentration, focus, etc. as performance supports.

Here’s Judy slow practicing her Beethoven Sonatina, first movement. Her progress has been considerable in the few months we’ve been working together. I look forward to hearing her play at our unique occasion.

A sample of the SKYPE/LIVE Program: March 15th: (not all students have opted to perform this time around)

Bach French Suite, Sarabande and Gavotte

J.S. Bach Prelude in F minor

J.C. Bach Prelude in A minor

Mozart Sonata, K. 545 (Andante)

Beethoven Sonatina in F (Allegro)

Chopin Waltz in A minor Op. Posthumous

Program decisions are still in progress, and a few students are open to “bribes” re: participating.

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