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Rehearsing for the Big Day! LIVE/SKYPE piano student recital

Peter at piano cropped

Peter, originally from Sweden, has been studying piano since January 2014. (He started from scratch without any note reading experience.)

Working in the technology field, keeping long hours staring at a computer screen, he wanted to study piano for pure tension relief, and lucky for his teacher, Peter loves his Classical music journey.

As one of my LIVE Berkeley students, he’s made quite a bit of progress, and now has the confidence to play for an audience of combined ONLINE/LIVE sisters and brothers in a music sharing scheduled for Sunday, March 15th.

Last night we fine tuned his two recital pieces: A Two-part invention framed arrangement of “Go No More A’Rushing” (Elizabethan theme/Willard Palmer) and Sadness by Turk.

Naturally, with most students, performance anxiety and strategies to deal with it are part of the preparation process which will be ongoing as we approach the event.

Lesson Excerpts from the Palmer and Turk compositions:

(My Baldwin piano will be tuned this coming Monday in readiness for the 15th)

Flashback to Peter playing a duet with me, 5 weeks into his piano study in Feb. 2014

PRE-TEST for SKYPE/LIVE piano recital

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