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Love the Second Time Around: Seymour, An Introduction

Sonya in front of poster

I’ve seen Ethan Hawke’s sensitive film portrait of Seymour Bernstein now FOUR times as I amass a film archive of interviews and written tributes.

Need more be said?

Run to see a cinematic masterpiece so well framed by Ann Hornaday at the Washington Post: ‘Seymour: An Introduction’ is a soaring, sublime ode to art and life.


10 thoughts on “Love the Second Time Around: Seymour, An Introduction”

  1. Hey Shirley, loving these video reviews of Seymour: An Introduction. I was on a stopover from Sydney on my way to Scotland staying with a friend in Berkeley and having observed your enthusiasm, I thought we must see this film whilst I was here. As it was not on in Berkeley at the weekend we jumped on the BARt to Embarcadero. We both loved the movie, it was so moving from start to finish….we have spent the last couple of days remembering different parts that we particularly liked. So many of those. My friend is going to go again with her husband, I think I will have to wait till it comes out on DVD or is released in the UK. I definitely want to own my own copy, and will be recommending to everyone that they see it if they can. We also loved the comfy seats at Embarcadero.


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