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Piano Technique: When an adult student is in the Zone!

It’s always valuable to snatch a lesson segment when a student gets it just right and has the equivalent of a runner’s high at the keyboard. It’s certainly instructive for both teacher and pupil to observe what conditions predisposed a pupil to a level of ONEness of body, mind and spirit.

Last night, Jocel displayed such fluidity supported by my framing rhythmic prompts that wrapped his F Major scales and arpeggios into a cohesive frame. Naturally, the goal in the long run, (no pun intended) will be to have him internalize a singing pulse, taking its consciousness into his practice module during the week.

(P.S. Pardon the HOT zone wired webcam mike, that was inadvertently un-silenced)


In truth, both teacher and pupil are on a common wavelength of experimenting, analyzing, and refining during piano lessons: each bounces off the other through a mutual journey of awakenings.

As Seymour Bernstein sagaciously says, if we are good teachers we give our students a lot of credit for being our mentors and naturally, the reverse is true.

When a student gets it, so do we!

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