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Judy, Seymour, and Ludwig


It was no surprise that Judy, one of my adult piano students came to her lesson yesterday gushing about Seymour: An Introduction. And naturally, in the nick of time, I grabbed my super-charged, helium packed iPhone and added the latest film rave to my growing collection.

Need I say more?… or is it SEE MORE?.. Seymour?

Seymour pic

The video speaks for itself and includes a nice chunk of Beethoven’s F Major Sonatina, as Judy honored the composer by playing superbly well considering her exposure to piano lessons has been fairly recent.


Yet, she did herself proud and proved that LIFE at the piano can begin at any age. Would you believe, 64?!

Enjoy! and Don’t forget to pack in 81 minutes of Seymour’s movie. (Directed by Ethan Hawke, and impeccably edited by Anna Gustavi)


Seymour Bernstein: From Maine with Love

Love the Second Time Around
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6 thoughts on “Judy, Seymour, and Ludwig”

  1. Dear Shirley, Thank you so much for sharing your work, thoughts and teachings on your website. It has helped me (65 year old retired and five years into learning to play the piano) a lot. Do you have the transcript of ” Bach-Friskin, Prelude from the Cantata “Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit”   If so, I would love to have it in my computer. Someday I would love to learn this beautiful piece.  Any help or advice where to buy it or the publisher is appreciated. My regards, Monique

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