Multi-cam views during Skype or Facetime piano lessons

Arioso7's Blog (Shirley Kirsten)

I’m now a three-time Logitech webcam user with a long range panoramic capability and two close-up keyboard views, (including an overhead) that’s a mouse tap away. For trill and ornament demonstrations, I highlight the second or third LOGITECH option listed on my Preferences window and can easily switch back to the longer range image with another click. (first view) The FULL SCREEN option is recommended.

NOTE: Since my iMac upgrade to MAVERICKS, I use the HDC920HD1080 webcams.

To add more than one web cam view to the mix, I downloaded the Manycam program to my iMac. (It’s FREE)

For Panorama: C920HD1080 (Place cam on end block of piano, high treble side)
Close-up below: C920HD1080 (clipped to a music stand to the left of me)

LONGER side view of piano

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.30.58 PM

closeup camera 3  left of me
My Close-up cam sits on a music stand by specific marked placement. (You can see it in the photo showing the…

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