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My Old Baldwin piano passes to a new owner, but keeps family ties

My blind date sweetheart piano, the Baldwin Hamilton grand 1929, that was a shot in the dark, telephone interviewed instrument, is falling into the hands of my adult student, Julie. That means it’s remaining in the family. (Julie lives practically next door) The good news is that I now have ample space for my NEW BAlDWIN that’s already replaced its cousin.

Baldwin Hamilton

Kinship, however, has a broader meaning in this case, since Julie’s mother studied with my teacher, Ena Bronstein, when we both resided in Fresno, California. The connection didn’t really click until Julie inadvertently mentioned her mom’s stay in the Central Valley having overlapped mine and “placed” herself in a bunting, cradle by her mom at Bronstein’s home and piano studio. Did we cross paths, I’ll never know.

I can only imagine Julie being exposed to Bronstein’s virtuosity in utero, and subsequently being nursed to the strains of Mozart and Beethoven.

Here’s a sample of Maestra Bronstein’s artistry that cross-fertilized my playing, that of Julie’s mom, and indirectly JULIE, herself.

(Flashback to Fresno, CA and Ena Bronstein’s Reunion Concert)

(Should I mention the irony of Julie’s imminent delivery of an infant who will no doubt make an appearance in my piano studio, carrying the musical lineage forward)

Moving on…

Tomorrow is the big day for Julie: Baldwin Hamilton will be delivered to her apartment, while I continue to make my place a welcoming sanctuary for Baldwin 165, a 2015 brand new 5’5″ piano that plays well beyond its size.

Compare the two beauties:



Here’s Julie playing Chopin’s C# minor Waltz on “Hammy” well before it officially became hers. Note that she’s a stained glass artist, possessing many talents.



The BLIND date Hamilton and its history

My Birthday Present to Me

My New Baldwin Grand Arrives! (on video)

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