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Happy Birthday, Irena Orlov, Murray Perahia, and Yevgeny Sudbin!

Berkeley flowers

Today is a super-reblog day as April 19th rings in the Spring birthdays of three musical giants!

First to update a documentary that I originally critiqued about Irena Orlov.

And now the sequel:

Reaching Beyond: Seven Years Later

As for Murray and Yevgeny, their artistry has been spread far and wide through my many posts.

So just to say in the simplest way, that all of you immensely enrich our lives with each passing day!

In Gratitude, and with Love….



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Irena Orlov, Murray Perahia, and Yevgeny Sudbin!”

  1. Just found your posts! I have been the owner of a 1941 Haddorff for the past 30 years and just recently have agreed to relinquish it so that my grandchildren can begin music lesson since my hands have decided that they don’t want to move like they should. Just wondering if any of the Haddy fans knows how much the Vertichords weigh? I need to have an estimate for the mover and I have no idea except that it seems like a “ton”. I have always needed help to move it even short distances in my home when needed, so I can’t guess what the “freight” weight might be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    SJ Gardner, Iowa


    1. Thanks for your note. There are different size Haddorff pianos.. some are big Upright models others console size like mine that is now adopted by a friend as I couldn’t fit three pianos in my living room. Send a pic, and it should be matched up with a similar size piano…


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