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A London piano student fine tunes her F# Major scales and arpeggios (staccato and legato)

Yu Du 1

Yu has been my Skype student for a few years now and she’s made big gains in producing a singing tone with supple wrists, relaxed arms, and hand/finger weight transfer. Today she assiduously practiced her F# Major Scale and Arpeggio, energizing forearm and wrist staccato. Using “cupped hands” for her power driven forearm staccato on the black keys, she played precise, crisp and accurate notes after absorbing a few of my suggestions. In the universe of wrist staccato, she created a nuanced piano (soft) dynamic. (Yu has noticeably fluid wrist motions that she’s acquired from deliberate, goal focused practice)

At the Skype recital (March 15) beamed to LIVE and ONLINE students from Berkeley, California all over the US and world, Yu played a very lovely Andante movement from Mozart’s Sonata in C Major, K. 545. (Here’s just a snatch)

I recently interviewed Yu about her piano, hobbies, activities and recent career shift to life coaching.



5 thoughts on “A London piano student fine tunes her F# Major scales and arpeggios (staccato and legato)”

  1. I’m really enjoying your blog posts, they’re very helpful. How did you make the transition to an adult only studio? Was it an easy transition? Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you for your kind words. To answer your question, I taught adults and children for 3 or more decades , and gradually transitioned to adult pupils, though I have taken one or two youngsters, and I currently mentor a teenager. I think, in general, that adult students have the time to practice, since many have returned to the piano after retirement.


      1. Thank you for responding to my questions. I agree that time and the desire to learn makes for a more dedicated student. I really look forward to reading through your posts.
        Thank you again.

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