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Medici TV presents FREE LIVE stream of the XV INTERNATIONAL Tchaikovsky Competition from Moscow

Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoryhttp://tch15.medici.tv/en/live/piano

This is a unique opportunity to savor performances by a roster of international contestants, one of whom is our very own, pianist, George Li, a loyal Facebook Friend to so many of his avid fans. We’re tracking his global-wide performances with great interest. George Li

Li’s scheduled opening Recital is THURSDAY, JUNE 18:

3:50 PM Piano: Round 1 George Li – Moscow – Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory


So far, the first few pianists of Russian origin have exhibited unique musical personalities and their opening recital can be replayed at the site if you missed the LIVE feed.

It’s definitely worth a Medici mouse click into a big competition panorama spanning 19 days. (June 15-July 3)

NOTE THAT LIVE feed is available for separate instrumental and vocal categories:





More about the Competition:


“Broadcasting will begin early from Moscow at 6 a.m. EST, (1 p.m. Moscow time), with Nikita Abrosimov taking to the stage to commence the Piano Competition. Eight candidates will perform throughout the day. You can find the piano webcast schedule at: tch15.medici.tv.”

Prior to the official recital opener a few contestants were interviewed about performance pressure, and their strategies to deal with the high-tension Competition environment:


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