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Would Mozart believe he was “banned” worldwide?!


I thought it would never happen! An instant banishment from cyber-space! Mozart’s beloved Andante from Sonata K. 283 was the victim of pure and simple tyranny by the you tube police! The stand-in argonaut imperialist Hyperion, a recording company whose reach extended above and beyond PUBLIC DOMAIN, wrenched my upload from its earthly existence with a bundled threat to annihilate my Google Plus fueled Channel.

Should I be specific and name, Names? I’m sure the well-known pianist, who is one of hundreds to record the precious Mozart middle movement, had nothing to do with the iron fist of Hyperion, though I was made aware that his identity was woven into the plot to kill my posting. Perhaps he was innocently caught in the middle of a copyright infringement charge leveled at me, having no rhyme or reason to snatch my version of Mozart’s precious middle movement.

With a knee-jerk empowering reflex, I “disputed” the ban, checking pertinent boxes with an added typed footnote defending my right to play a dead composer’s creation that dated back to the 18th century. I reserved the RIGHT TO CLAIM that my posting had educational value, not redeemable in $$$…


With satire put aside, scores of you tubing musicians are up in arms, rallying against prohibitions imposed on our Classical music uploads–We’re appalled at corporate ownership claims of long deceased composers. It’s basically a Citizen’s United crossover into the musical universe with the Corporate Recording INDUSTRIAL Complex (CRIC) using BRUTE FORCE to rid cyber of Indies, viewed as a threat to the MONOPOLIZING OLIGARCHY!

(DO I SOUND LIKE BERNIE SANDERS??! Who cares? He’s got my vote!)

Enough said.

My Online delivered defense against HYPERION’S CHARGES elicited a YOU TUBE channeled withdrawal of the world-wide ban.

In its place, a captioned “Disputed third party matched content” was affixed.

In conclusion, Regardless of bullying Big MONEY interests, musicians the world over won’t capitulate.

By example, I just posted another Mozart middle movement that narrowly escaped the Ban. So there!

UPDATE: November 10, 2105 at 8:38 a.m.
Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.35.30 AM

Hi Shirley Kirsten,
Good news! Your dispute wasn’t reviewed within 30 days, so the copyright claim on your YouTube video has now been released.
Video title: “(HD) W.A. Mozart Sonata No. 5 in G, K. 283, Andante, movement 2”
– The YouTube Team

12 thoughts on “Would Mozart believe he was “banned” worldwide?!”

  1. The *work* may be in the public domain, but the *performance* most certainly is not. The record labels and/or performers are well within their rights to request their performance be taken down. Personally, if I were a talented musician or greedy record label, I’d opt to keep it up as ultimately it is good advertising, and the people who uploaded the performance are almost certainly not themselves profiting. But to claim injustice because the composer’s work is in the public domain is just wrong.


    1. Yes, the key to it, No pun intended is that the performer (myself) in this case is NOT profiting from the posted performance, And I might add that one of the boxes to check in the dispute is that the work is in the “public domain” so that obviously you tube, its partners, and the recording company must allow that as a viable contention. I would have checked all the boxes if permitted, including but not limited to the one pertaining to PUBLIC DOMAIN.


  2. UPDATE from You Tube Team: November 10th at 8: 38 a.m. “Hi Shirley Kirsten,
    Good news! Your dispute wasn’t reviewed within 30 days, so the copyright claim on your YouTube video has now been released.
    Video title: “(HD) W.A. Mozart Sonata No. 5 in G, K. 283, Andante, movement 2”
    – The YouTube Team

    Well, this is good news on the heels of the blog posting!


  3. From Ron Hull who posted a REVIEW of this blog at Authors Den
    “Kudos to you for standing up against corporate seizure of the public domain! If it weren’t for complaints by people like you, corporations would gradually own everything and require a toll for every free expression of a previously written work.

    “Thanks for making me aware of this and making everyone more diligent about the erosion of our First Amendment rights to free speech that are being snatched up like commodities to be sold on their free market, for-profit.

    “Let’s stick it to them every time they try! I’m not a socialist, but Bernie makes good sense. I’m for democratic freedom for all and not freedom to restrict and plunder by the rich and greedy.



  4. It’s ridiculous. Sadly like many industries in this capitalist works we live in, they only care about money rather than the educational and artistic value of music. As a business that thrives on the value of music it defeats the point


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