Akiko’s Piano

Today, I stumbled upon a You Tube video that intertwined the ravages of the A-bomb, with a remarkable visit to Japan made by Martha Argerich. (It's titled The Piano That Loved Chopin: Akiko's Piano) The short but riveting film centers upon a vintage upright piano (made in the USA) that survived a fiery World War… Continue reading Akiko’s Piano

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Evaluating an Acoustic piano before purchase

I've often been asked about the nuts and bolts of assessing a piano, even before a technician lays his hands on it. (A Registered pro will explore facets of internal assembly while my journey of discovery is intuitively tactile and tonal, forged on behalf of students searching for an alternative to the digital universe.) The… Continue reading Evaluating an Acoustic piano before purchase

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A week of digital and acoustic pianos!

Every so often, I find myself at the local piano outlet, tinkering with the latest digitals on and off the shelf. (portables and consoles) And as the weekend rolled in, I was invited to DC Piano by a new student who'd purchased a Kawai CA 58 console electronic without my input. No doubt, my prodding… Continue reading A week of digital and acoustic pianos!