Knabe, piano

A new partner Upright to my Steinway grand!

Shelter in Place has become tolerable by having two compatibly resonant musical sibs in my dwindling living room. The shrinking multi-purpose space holds my side-by-side pianos, webcams, tripods, Big Mac, and HP monitor. (not to mention a sequestered sleeper sofa)

The latest instrumental addition, Knabe WKV-132MD, a space-saving upright that replaced my mid-size Baldwin grand, has turned out to be a mega-resonant, beautifully voiced partner to ole reliable Steinway ‘M’ 1917.

The elder has been my faithful companion for decades, while Knabe, its junior, promises an enduring pleasure-filled rapport.


Knabe was discovered amidst aisles of K-200 and 300 (Kawai) verticals, alongside a sizable display of Yamaha gray market uprights, U-1’s etc. But none struck my fancy: They were either too bright, too tinny, or just plain flat sounding. I was frustrated, not finding my “voice” in any of them, until by a stroke of luck, I discovered a stately, tall upright off on a side wall, hardly noticeable in the trickle of pre-SIP customers who were headed south to the digital display of Kawai’s and Roland’s.

To my surprise and relief, I had finally encountered my “voice” in this less than widely publicized Knabe model that allowed my arms, hands and wrists to milk lilting phrases that poured from it in varying volumes, colors and dynamics!

I will admit, however, that there were some irregularities in touch, and the pedal had a few issues before I sealed the deal, but I was willing to overlook what I trusted could be adjusted at the first complimentary tuning and regulation.

At long last, this newest gift to myself, delivered on March 17th, 2020, will enjoy a long and happy bonding in par duo with its neighboring singing nightingale!

7 thoughts on “A new partner Upright to my Steinway grand!”

  1. Shirley, Beautiful addition!!! It sounds very warm. And you played part of this piece of CHOPIN I like vey much and I am trying to learn! Thanks to you, the day starts joyfully. Enjoy.

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