Correction of 2/19/2021 video embeds for Subscribers who were sent a version by WordPress that left one out.

I published a blog on 2/19/2021 that should have been sent to my blog subscribers with two embedded you tube videos that were post-lesson tutorials. (RE: Chopin Nocturne in E minor, Op. 72, No. 1) Unfortunately, Word Press support, aware of the issue, was unable to resend subscriber mailings so that both videos would be embedded. So I am hoping that re-embedding BOTH videos in this posting will correct the situation for subscribers. The two videos appear at the blog site but not in what WordPress dispatched by email (So the disparity and omission were troubling based on the content of my posting). The first video is a RECENT tutorial. The second one is an earlier tutorial with more primary learning steps. I’m hoping WordPress includes both of these videos in the subscriber mailings today which will fill the void. If not, I apologize for what I seem to have no control over. The platform changes have posed challenges in the posting and processing of my blogs. Hopefully, the transition has been smoother for others.

The above, is the most recent post-lesson tutorial

This second video, is the earlier tutorial that had more primary learning steps.

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