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Playing A Children’s “Game” while learning the piano (Videos)

Dimitri Kabalevsky, a 20th Century Russian composer, produced colorful character pieces that engage a child’s imagination as they advance piano technique.

The Op. 39 collection contains pieces such as “Joke” and “Clowns” that have individual, built-in musical goals.

For certain, even such repertoire with a pedagogical dimension, can be equally as inviting for adults of any age who embark upon piano lessons. Case in point: a young mother from Alaska intensified her study over Skype by adding “A Game” to her repertoire.


While on the surface, this light-hearted miniature looks and sounds easy, a student must cultivate a clean, crisp staccato that has shape and contour.

To this end, baby-step practicing is recommended as fleshed out in the videos below: