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Beethoven Pianos on W. 58th is a treasure of restored pianos, and new ones, too.

Beethoven Pianos
It’s a good sign when a piano establishment is open on Memorial Day!

In the glow of its colorful banner, Beethoven’s was such a welcoming opportunity of which I availed myself.

An important “player” on Manhattan’s “piano row,” it’s one of a few restorers that also offers a selection of NEW instruments–like the Sauter (German) and Hailun (Chinese), to name a few.

My adventure sauntering down its keyboard-rich aisles was captured on video and needs little introduction, except to add that I loved the Bechstein grand, 7′ 5″, one of the oldies, that had its original soundboard and character nicely wedded. (Restrung, with new hammers installed it’s awaiting a good home)

Andrew Townsend, a hospitable host at Beethoven, guided me through a sea of magnificent pianos, each with its own unique voice. His expertise was appreciated as I grilled him about everything under the sun, in between customers.

Thank you Andrew! And bravo to Beethoven’s for its formidable presence in the great universe of pianos!


Beethoven Pianos Inc
Moved to 211 W 58th St, New York, NY 10019 (Between Broadway and Seventh Avenue)
TEL: 1-800-241-0001 — 212.765.7300

“Established over thirty years ago by Munich native Carl Demler, Beethoven Pianos offers New Yorkers the widest selection of instruments and piano services at the most competitive prices. Today, Beethoven Pianos is the oldest full service, family-owned piano store in New York City. It offers piano rebuilding, refinishing, concert and private rentals, tuning, moving, piano storage, and a variety of technical support to any piano owner. Its expert staff of technicians, craftsmen and movers is key to its stability in the piano industry.

“Beethoven pianos sells new or used Steinways, Bechsteins, Bsendorfers, Rnisch, Yamaha, Young Chang and other popular pianos; New Sauter Pianos, Rnish Pianos, Hailun pianos, Charles R. Walter pianos, Ritmller Pianos, Pearl River Pianos, Young Chang Pianos, Hammond Organs & Leslie Speakers and Kurzweil digital pianos and professional keyboards and stage controllers.”

My visit to Klavierhaus on W. 58th

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The premier piano “haus” on W. 58th!

Guggenheim white Steinway B Klavierhaus

The high point of my trip to NYC was inhabiting a paradise of pianos on “piano row.” That’s what they call “West 58th” between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

In the imposing shadow of Carnegie Hall that envelops the neighborhood, Klavierhaus manages to retain its unique character amidst a glut of piano restorers such as Beethovens and Faust/Harrison.

(I made a visit to Beethovens that will be covered in a separate posting)

For me, Klavierhaus was indeed center stage from the moment I entered its sanctuary.

Greeted by an eye-catching, Pleyel, circa 1890, I sampled its delicious tone and impeccably even feel from note to note. Perfection to a tee permeated its DNA–In fact, the restoration was an historic journey with a keen awareness of what European materials were used at its inception. Jeremy Denk, concert pianist, had videotaped a riveting exchange with Gabor Reisinger, President of Klavierhaus about the care invested in bringing this instrument to exceptional playing standard. It was more than a miracle of fate, but instead, an artistic and historically authentic undertaking.

In the course of my meanderings through Klavierhaus with the assistance of Jeffrey Baker,(Business Dev. Director and Concert technician) I was impressed by more than a dozen pianos that were each developed to their full potential. No detail of maintenance was left behind.

This is not a common state of the art in most piano establishments. In too many, the instruments may have a basically appealing tone, but regulation and other problems abound that are sadly ignored–most likely for financial reasons.

The ever-looming profit motive compromises the needs of pianists who desire a lifelong compatible musical companion in the present minus a future promise of satisfactory, tailor-made “voicing” and “regulation”

(I’d encountered this in-the-next-life, promotional mantra many years ago when I was looking for a Steinway to replace a damaged one) Most pianos sampled at dealerships were “cottonballs,” without heart-throbbing, immediate tonal appeal.

NOT the “case” at Klavierhaus.

What I heard and experienced hands-on was the golden glow of piano paradise in the here and now without the promise of a honey-dipped afterlife.

And speaking of other-worldly environs, one particularly extraordinary piano captured my attention: It was a shimmering white Steinway in a gorgeous art case that’s best experienced by viewing my on-site video. (Excuse the shaky camera–I was very titillated to the point of tremulousness, not having a bulky tripod to steady me)

In truth, the following three videos in “a row” exemplify the outstanding work of Gabor and his team of tuner/technicians/salespeople who immaculately prepare and showcase these beautiful instruments.

First the lusciously mellow gift that Guggenheim gave to his wife on Valentine’s Day:

Next, a 9-foot Fazioli (Angela Hewitt’s favored piano)

Finally, more Pleyel-dipping, followed by a Bechstein sampling, and visit to the Klavierhaus Recital Hall


211 W. 58th Street
New York, NY 10019
(The north side of West 58th Street between Broadway and Seventh Avenue)

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