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Old World piano playing (1949) with a pronounced wrist break

The supple wrist amounts to a “wrist break” that is discouraged among partisans of the Taubman approach. In the main, they adhere to a forearm-driven piano technique along with rotation, and relaxation . The videos embedded, however, contradict such rigid thinking about the wrist, as demonstrated by the performance of a Polish pianist (1949) A Chopin Mazurka is energized by redundant wrist breaks without incurred injury. As one colleague related in reference to Taubman/Golandsky, “how could decades of Russian teaching so easily be tossed aside.” Continue reading

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Ethereal piano playing: Another Irina, with an i in the middle, brings heaven to earth

This is the special month of Irina, Irena, and still another Irina. The latest messenger of beauty via You Tube is Irina Morozova. And as fate would have it, one of my readers, owner of a Knight piano treasure, e-mailed … Continue reading

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Piano Instruction: Chopin Mazurka in F Major, Op. 68, No. 3 (Video)

According to the Harvard Brief Dictionary of Music edited by Willi Apel and Ralph T. Daniel, a “Mazurka” is a Polish national dance in triple time with a characteristic dotted rhythm, and having a strong accent on the second or … Continue reading

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