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My Top You Tube Picks for 2013, What are yours?

My note: I’ve listed links to blogs posted about these performers. PIANO Grigory Sokolov Complete piano recital, Theatre de Champs Elysee (for astounding fusion of technique/lyricism/wide dynamic palette–having everything and anything at his disposal to draw upon from his rich … Continue reading

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Cyprien Katsaris plays Cziffra’s Flight of the Bumblebee in the pianist’s presence on Live TV

This is a snatch of history. I hadn’t seen the You Tube video until now, but here it is: A jaw-dropping, bravura execution of parallel octaves! (And as the story goes, Cziffra made a change in his Bumblebee transcription, where … Continue reading

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Piano Technique: Even the Big Boys practice with rhythms–Cziffra demonstrates

I’m a great admirer of the late Gyorgy Cziffra and his towering virtuosity. If anyone was under appreciated during his lifetime it was this wondrous pianist whose every phrase had meaning, intent, and emotion. Cyprien Katsaris, a dazzling performer in … Continue reading

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Cyprien Katsaris Masterclass: Chopin’s Fantasie-Impromptu (Video)

More of the gift that keeps on giving: A wonderful approach using mental imagery and pinpointed practice techniques. Katsaris has the single-minded patience to work with the student on the physical aspects of playing that realize better phrasing and nuance. … Continue reading

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The woes of technology: No, I wasn’t finger synching someone else’s Chopin Waltz in C# minor (Videos)

I watched in disbelief as my 55th take of the C# minor Chopin Waltz Op. 64 went up in smoke. That is, it had been the most satisfying re-do, until I discovered that for 50% of the iMac iMovie, (commencing … Continue reading

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The Gift that keeps on Giving: Cyprien Katsaris shares thoughts about pianist, Gyorgy Cziffra and his ‘Bumblebee’ transcription

In a compelling and somewhat controversial radio broadcast beamed from Boston, Katsaris takes the reigns and regales Georgy Cziffra, a celebrated pianist whose career never reached the summit that Horowitz attained. Katsaris is brutally honest about his own displeasure with … Continue reading

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When piano playing soars to spiritual heights: The artistry of Cyprien Katsaris

Words fail me when trying to describe this performance of Cyprien Katsaris over You Tube. Stage setting: A majestic church with big resonance, and while the soundtrack is scratchy, what emanates from the piano makes the listener forget any mechanical … Continue reading

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