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Weaving Theory and Harmonic Rhythm into a piano lesson

The flow of harmony in and out of pieces should be a big part of a piano lesson. Yet it’s one thing to isolate chords in student a hand-out, but quite another to bring phrases to life with an infusion … Continue reading

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A favorite Piano Prelude to play and teach

Randall and Nancy Faber came through with flying colors by including J.C. Bach’s Prelude in A minor in their Developing Artist Series Album, Early Intermediate Level. It’s definitely a winner with ear-catching appeal! *** In a heart-melting opener to a … Continue reading

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Using piano repertoire as a springboard for a theory lesson: Major, minor and Diminished Chords (Videos)

One of my adult students is working on the gorgeous J.C. Bach Prelude in A minor which has a second page full of “Major,” “Minor” and “Diminished” chords. The sonorities progress in sequences, but they also have a secondary dominant … Continue reading

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One of my students performs J.S. Bach’s Fugue in C minor, BWV 847, Regional Finalist, Baroque Festival

Staci played both the Prelude and Fugue in C minor, BWV847 for the Central Valley Baroque Festival. All Regional finalists received Medals and an appearance at the Honors Recital The recording conditions were not the best.

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