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Music Works: An El Cerrito Mom and Pop Charmer is worth a visit

A quaint music shop with decorative window dressing caught my eye during a walk from Del Norte Bart to a Mosier Avenue copy center. A red wooden treble clef, like the swirl of a barber shop icon, wooed me across the street for a closer look. My curiosity was rewarded by reams of ukeleles hanging… Continue reading Music Works: An El Cerrito Mom and Pop Charmer is worth a visit

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A Piano Teacher’s Worst Nightmare!

In a routine Yahoo e mail search for a Kawai USA technician I had spoken with a year ago, I stumbled upon a document that I had drafted out of sheer desperation. It related to the decline of my sustain pedal which had been mercilessly pounded by a student who had serious impulse control problems.… Continue reading A Piano Teacher’s Worst Nightmare!