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Skype Lesson- in-Progress: It works!

A good “connection” between teacher and student is the first requirement for success at Skyping piano lessons. (I use hard wire, not Wi-Fi)

If a web cam (i.e. Logitech or other) can be positioned to encompass a big, defined view of hands and piano keyboard, it aids visual perception. Conversely, the student can make sure to equip herself with a camera that does the same.

On both sides of the Skype spectrum, computer speeds should be set to max–

Today’s transmission from California to Alaska hummed along without any shutdowns and it was videotaped in segments to assist the student with practicing goals during the week.

(I make it a point to send video Skype supplements to keep up learning momentum from week to week) It’s a valuable asset in the teaching arsenal.

An example follows: (J.C. Bach Prelude in A minor)