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The neighborhood piano teacher lives on….

Well into the Millennium, the “neighborhood” piano teacher is in full bloom. Countless telephone and Internet inquiries about potential music instructors focus on LOCATION. “So where do you live?” (Not how do you teach?) In the Bay area, one can … Continue reading

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Local Piano Competitions and the judges

I don’t like being labeled a sore loser because it indicates an unwillingness to accept a loss gracefully. And I’m not talking about myself as much as piano students who practice arduously in preparation for local competitions and expect to … Continue reading

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The nitty gritty reasons why piano students drop out: Two staunchly different opinions

The current rage on the Internet surrounds a Facebook posting that claims a 95% dropout rate among piano students. The nitty gritty reasons cited by the poster are contained in what I view as a tirade against what he terms … Continue reading

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