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Piano Technique: Geography, choreography, and muscle memory in practicing scales (Video instruction)

Today’s lesson by Skype from Berkeley, CA to the UK focused on refining e minor scales. Of particular interest, was the segment, midway, that explored un-snagging a portion of the Harmonic minor form in STACCATO. A valuable technique applied included spot practicing critical areas of difficulty.. i.e. C to D# to E in every octave. Geography, choreography and muscle memory were collective ingredients in promoting overall improvement in the scale execution.


Skyped piano instruction can be very productive if the transmission is clear and unencumbered by static. This particular student is tech savvy and has the best possible hook-up for her web cam-driven lessons.

Excerpt, E Minor Scales in Legato and Staccato


Practicing the E minor Arpeggio (blocking technique)

Cleo the Cat interrupts