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How to Practice and Analyze Schumann’s “Blindman’s Bluff” from Kinderszenen

This is a devilish musical tag that flows out of my journey round the bend in finger staccato in the good company of my students. While none to date have tackled Schumann’s animated “Hasche-Mann,” otherwise known as “Blindman’s Bluff,” our … Continue reading

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Capturing the rocking motion of Mendelssohn’s F# minor Venetian Boat Song

In Felix Mendelssohn’s Op. 30, No. 6 Gondola Song, the very character of the lilting motion is sustained in the Left Hand with a metrical awareness of Two beats per measure, not 6. The composition (from the Songs Without Words … Continue reading

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Chopin Mazurka in F Major, Op. 68 No. 3

Without a doubt, the patriotic spirit of a Polish Mazurka permeates the F major, Op. 68. The vitality of redundant dotted-eighth-sixteenth rhythms cajoles the player in musical directions. (Be sure to use a supple wrist–and shake out the rhythmic figures) … Continue reading

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Where harmonies shape phrases: Chopin’s Prelude in E minor, Op. 28, No. 4

Chopin cloaked one of his most memorable preludes in lush harmonies that reveal the beauty of a simple melody. Continue reading

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Practicing knotty piano passages, and tips on how to avoid fatigue while boosting technique (Videos)

At my You Tube Channel site, I routinely pick up comments daily, and the majority center on piano technique. While I lay no claim to being an expert in this complex universe, my trial and error practicing over decades has … Continue reading

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Lugansky’s piano teacher, Tatiana Nikolayeva, displayed greatness in her own right

What an irony that Nikolai Lugansky, star pupil of Tatiana Nikolayeva was bestowed, perhaps by chance, the masculine form of his teacher-to-be’s last name. A prophetic link for both. I noticed that the esteemed teacher Dimitri Bashkirov, refers to his … Continue reading

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Nikolai Lugansky, pianist, plays chess and loves poetry

The nearly 7-minute You Tube interview was telling. Luganksy waxed poetic about poetry, and recited one of his favorites by Boris Pasternak. It was in Russian, but it’s lyrical lines stole the show. No translation needed. He was seated beside … Continue reading

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