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The C Major Scale universe: metric and muscle memory; shaping and tapering

The C Major scale is more than meets the “I,” if you’re the one practicing it! Continue reading

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The business of copying the piano teacher: Who has the final say or PLAY?

The latest provocative teacher exchange is taking place on Facebook at the “Art of Piano Pedagogy” which has now become a private forum. When it comes to teaching philosophies, many are intensely opinionated. From my perspective, I passionately believe in … Continue reading

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Piano Technique: Perfecting Staccato–playing basketball and ping pong ball (Video)

A piano student in Greece uses mental imagery to improve his staccato playing Continue reading

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A Supplement to a Skyped lesson (Chopin Waltz in B minor) Video

It’s invaluable to send videos to SKYPE students between lessons. 1) It fills in some of the gaps associated with long distance transmission where variations in volume and clarity might temporarily interrupt instruction. 2) It’s a summation of what transpired … Continue reading

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