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Grammy award winner Murray Perahia shines at Zellerbach Hall! Encore, Schubert Impromptu Op. 90 in Eb in two “live” performances (Videos)

Murray Perahia, Poet of the Piano

Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley is a regular stop for Murray Perahia, who happens to be my former classmate at the New York City High School of Performing Arts (The “FAME I wanna live forever school”).

I’ve already reminisced about “P.A.” and Murray’s inspiring musical presence:

For those of us who shadowed him after classes, grabbing any opportunity to partake of his amazing talent during chamber music rehearsals and more, we were amply rewarded:

He fed our own practicing with that extra dose of inspiration.

So seeking more of the same decades later, I made the jaunt to Zellerbach in Berkeley accompanied by two adult piano students who planned for an afternoon of exquisite music-making.

They were not disappointed. (Perahia’s program featured the J.S. Bach’s French Suite in G; Beethoven Op. 90 Sonata in E; Brahms Klavierstucke; Schubert Sonata in A, and various Chopin works)

The tour de force, encore, a Perahia favorite that caps many of his solo recitals, was the Schubert Impromptu in Eb, Op. 90

Venue: Zellerbach in Berkeley, California (CAL Performances) Video begins in the black, but eventually adjusts. I added a few annotations about interpretation.


My NYC High School of Performing Arts Yearbook and What I Found:


Murray Perahia rehearses Mozart Concerto No. 21 in C Major, and speaks to Sir Dennis Forman:

Murray Perahia’s Brahms/Handel Variations wins a Grammy! (Listen and watch Perahia discuss and play portions of the composition)

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