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Early stage learning, and ways of knowing a new piano piece

One of my adult students has embarked upon studying Tchaikovsky’s “German Song,” Op. 39, and in her initial baby-step exposure to the composition, she has already explored multiple ways of “knowing” the work. 1) Setting a fingering for each hand, … Continue reading

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Stimulating the imagination: choosing piano repertoire that embraces childhood themes (Video)

I was awakened this morning to an inspired Facebook post that featured a six-year old captivated by a delightful piece that amounted to a “playground” of light-hearted chords with engaging harmonies. The piano teacher, Irina Gorin played snippets of Samuel … Continue reading

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Highlights of Rina’s fourth piano lesson, 8/25/11: Learning about Rhythm and tapping C’s and Ds to Marches (Videos in three parts)

Rina reached a learning landmark last week when she located “little houses” with two black key roofs across the keyboard. Irina Gorin, in her book, “Tales of a Musical Journey” cleverly marks out seven “neighborhoods” (aka “octaves”) that encompass small, … Continue reading

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