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Aiden cat and music in a mixed media blend (Video)

This morning I had an idea to synchronize Aiden’s instrumental choice photos with pertinent musical excerpts, so I propped up sheet music selections on Haddy Haddorff’s rack and imagined what kitty pics would best fit.

Once I had captured all my music with attached video, (I wore a purple sequined jacket for the occasion) I called upon my daughter, Aviva to help me edit in the photos at the right moment with cross fades, etc.

I thought she did a masterful job.

Excerpts of works I played for the soundtrack:

“Meditation” from “Thais” by Jules Massenet (Aiden prepared to play the violin)
“Swan” by Saint-Saens (Aiden kissing the cello)
“La Chasse” by Burgmuller (Aiden thinking about playing the hunting horn)
Brahms “Lullaby,” (Aiden snuggling straw bunnies, and cradling a porcelain cat)
“Flamenco” by Gillock (Aiden contemplating a guitar)
“We are Siamese if you Please” from Lady and the Tramp (Aiden listening with earphones)
Cats “Memories” (Aiden sitting peacefully at the Steinway piano) and fading out on the Haddorff console.

All selections were recorded on the Haddorff piano.

More cute photos of Aiden:


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