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My new Overhead webcam view adds fingering clarity and choreography

A You Tube glimpse of Bach Scholar’s set-up for piano lessons by Skype clarified the right overhead keyboard view. Instead of enlisting a clip-on cam that provided an abridged and inverted view of the the keys, I secured a horizontal Alzo mount for my Targus 60″ tripod, that gives a perfect planet keyboard panorama.


overhead and treble clef

Quicktime overhead angle

overhead keyboard quicktime view

An adult student requested a video of C Major scale Organizers, so this overhead view was chosen:

Same perspective was used for a fingering snatch from Chopin’s Eb Nocturne, Op. 9, No.1:

A second valuable keyboard angle uses a Logitech web cam clipped to my solid K&M German made music stand:

music stand mounted cam

alternate keyboard view

In summary, both aforementioned keyboard angles are valuable teaching tools, whether applied to Online or LIVE piano lessons. In each instance, students can be sent recorded lesson segments to aid practicing.


Skype and FaceTime transmitted lessons afford the opportunity to enlist multiple camera views, while Skype Call recorder provides the easiest means of snatching parts or the whole of a lesson in progress. For FaceTime, I use Quicktime record, and the same for recording LIVE lessons. These I import to iMovie for editing purposes before uploading to You Tube. If editing is not needed, footage can be drag/dropped into the You Tube upload box.


me under overhead webcam


A Piano Lesson by Skype Primer

Multi-cam views during Skype and FaceTime Piano lessons
(the Logitech C615 cam is incompatible with the Mac Mavericks upgrade, so I’ve transitioned to the C920HD1080p model)