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Doing Piano Push-ups to feel connected, and dead-weighted into the keys (The B minor arpeggio is my Cardio-activating springboard) VIDEO

Piano Cardio isn’t such a far-fetched description of a good piano workout when it comes to playing scales and arpeggios. (You can throw in a few push-ups to practice connecting into keys with an added health benefit) *** An adult … Continue reading

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Rina, 5, performs at our Spring Recital (after 8 months of piano lessons) Video

Rina is moving right along. She can spin a legato phrase with finesse after having practiced her detached-note playing for months. Now she’s working on using featherlight thumbs to craft smoother lines. Notice her supple wrist approach to the piano: … Continue reading

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Nikolai Lugansky, pianist, plays chess and loves poetry

The nearly 7-minute You Tube interview was telling. Luganksy waxed poetic about poetry, and recited one of his favorites by Boris Pasternak. It was in Russian, but it’s lyrical lines stole the show. No translation needed. He was seated beside … Continue reading

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