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  1. I am sorry if this is posted in wqrong location, but thought you might be able to directed me to a good place to start. My grandparents are from Grodno. My grandparents names are Simon Fallis and Esther Schneider. They came to the US in 1904. The remainder of the family, except for one cousin, perished in the Holocaust. I am trying to locate this cousin who I visited in Tel Aviv, Israel, I believe the address was 6 Masaryk Square, in the 60s. At that time she was married and had two sons. Her maiden name is Fallis but I do not know any of the other names. My cousin and her future husband arrived by small plane from Grodno to Palestine in the early 1940s. Any help in locating her or her sons/grandchildren is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Today my student told me, that Livia Rev is gone in January. I`m crying about her in my soul. I think this Person staying near Michelangeli, Rubinstein and most important artists in History of Music. Her sound was brilliant, her spirit was incredible. Livia Rev is artist who showing us, what is real OLD SCHOOL!


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