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Aiden cat, our loving companion and musical mascot

He might as well be human. Left with me by one of my daughters over 4 years ago, this atypical cat had a history of jumping into the shower, then going to sleep on his owner's head. When brushed, he molded himself in his caretaker's lap, enjoying each of her lavish strokes. A pedicure that… Continue reading Aiden cat, our loving companion and musical mascot

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The Big day for Claudia M. and others, minus Aiden the Cat

Saturday was the culmination of little Claudia's practicing. She was scheduled to play on a musical program without Aiden the cat beside her on the piano bench. As a second banana, I would replace my adorable feline as the duet partner of my pint size 8 year old student on the stage at the Fresno… Continue reading The Big day for Claudia M. and others, minus Aiden the Cat

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Aiden, the Cat Rules!

Aiden rules! He steals my attention at the top of each day. At the peep of dawn he scratches the frig door for his scoop of Solid Gold wet food and he meows incessantly until I traipse out of my bedroom to feed him. Aiden prefers his genetically unaltered lamb served 6 seconds out of… Continue reading Aiden, the Cat Rules!


Aiden, the cat

Sunday was a You Tube free day. No tripod to trip me up on the way to the kitchen, or in the opposite direction, back to the piano. All in all, I survived my first day of camcorder related withdrawal without any serious side effects. **** Coming into the piano room, the ground floor teaching… Continue reading Aiden, the cat