Arrived! Big Apple energy abounds!

A bleary-eyed, overnight jet traveler, I was instantly re-charged upon my early morning arrival at Kennedy. The City never sleeps. Avoiding the Sky train maze, I jumped the shuttle bus, belted in and felt the bumpy ride of ensnaring traffic before being DROPPED at Penn Station. Imagine carting swelling luggage with wheels revolving in every… Continue reading Arrived! Big Apple energy abounds!

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The most popular blog explores piano teacher/student relationships

I've been aware that this particular writing seems to touch a nerve, or strikes a chord of recognition among piano teachers, parents and students: https://arioso7.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/pulls-and-tugs-two-sides-to-the-studentteacher-piano-lesson-relationship/ It's only rival in popularity on my roster has been "Funeral for a Cracked Plate," a real life soap opera about a piano buyer who slipped up by ordering a… Continue reading The most popular blog explores piano teacher/student relationships

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Musings of a Piano Teacher

My journey as a piano teacher from California's Central Valley to the East Bay, and what happened before, in a distant place like New York City.