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J.S. Bach’s ethereal Prelude in F minor, BWV 881 (contour and voices)

A kindred musician friend and Baroque scholar residing on the East Coast tipped me off that my “first love” reading of Bach’s Prelude in F minor a few months back, was just the very top layer of a more in … Continue reading

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My afternoon at the San Francisco Symphony with Yuja Wang, Pianist

It was a shock to my nervous system to hear a LIVE concert! I had been getting so used to iPod fed classics and You tube streamed performances that I forgot what I was missing. From my seat at terrace … Continue reading

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Adoption in the old piano universe

Today’s good deed was my hands on effort to place a gorgeous sounding old upright in a deserving home. And judging by the attention this Emerson vintage piano eventually received after I played it for well past an hour at … Continue reading

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Patrick Schmidt sparks an East Bay Cultural Renaissance in the Meet-up Universe!

Everyone loves a self-starter–a wide-eyed visionary who transforms dreams into reality. Patrick Schmidt comes quickly to mind, immersed in his universe of mult-media explorations but always reaching out to an “international” community of creative spirits. Here’s how he describes himself: … Continue reading

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The Gooden College Connection is about helping minority kids navigate the tough road to college

Andrew M. Gooden and his wife, Ruth Kleinman join a Board of GCC volunteers to make college access a reality for students who might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. Continue reading

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Piano Technique: A Bouncy Scale workout with forward arm rolls and supple wrist motions–Enjoy the romp! (Videos)

Scales can be a great workout routine if you let your arms loose, dip your pliant wrists and go with the flow. And it’s a great cardio. (No treadmill or weights required) Just apply principles of balance and buoyancy. Here … Continue reading

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Piano Lesson: An Adult student practices the Presto agitato mvt. Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata (Video)

The Chromatic scale to the end of movement: R.K. wished to remain anonymous because of the nature of his work, but, nevertheless, he’s a devoted student of the piano. I met him at the American Cancer Discovery Shop, on Bullard … Continue reading

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